James Nylen

About this site

This site is an example of my approach to software development.

It is very lightweight, loads extremely quickly, and looks great on any device, with no unnecessary code sent to the browser.

The site is easy for me to maintain. To update a page, I just edit and save a Markdown file, then the new version of the page immediately shows up for everyone.

It's efficient about this too: behind the scenes, the conversion from Markdown to HTML is done only once for each change.

The site's code is open source, freely available on GitHub. It is written specifically for what it needs to do, but there are some interesting techniques in use, like locking a file across multiple requests using the PHP flock function.

Open-source software

I use free and open-source software heavily in almost all of my projects, and this site is no exception. Even though this is a pretty simple and straightforward website, there are still millions of lines of code involved in displaying and maintaining it, from projects like Linux, Apache, PHP, vim, git, and many more.

For other, larger projects, I use other tools, such as WordPress or Node.js or React. Picking the best tools for a particular project is an art in itself, and it depends not only on what you want to build, but also a lot of other factors like who will use it.

My other projects

For now, have a look at my GitHub account for other projects I've worked on.

Want some help with your project? Use the contact form on this site.